Vaginoplasty is any surgical procedure that results in the construction or reconstruction of the vagina.

Male-to-female gender-affirming surgery, vaginal tightening surgery and vaginal rejuvenation procedures all involve Vaginoplasty and vaginal dilations are a very important part of the recovery process.

The dilation exercises keep the vagina open preventing vaginal stenosis – a condition where the vaginal walls scar and contract. Scarring within a collapsed vagina could cause it to close up. For this reason dilators are an essential tool.

Many brands of vaginal dilators are available in the UK, including Kegel8, Amielle, Femmax and Soul Source, all of which are fit for purpose and may well be suitable for assisting with your Vaginoplasty recovery programme.

However our Vagiwell branded dilators are in our opinion the best quality available, made from the highest grade medical silicone and designed to be medical devices, issued by clinics and Gynecologists. Take a link to this web page to your next consultation and let your healthcare professional confirm that these are the best devices for you and your recovery programme.


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  1. Vagiwell Vaginal Dilators
    From £39.85

    For a wide range of conditions.

    Made from ’warm’, medical grade silicone.

    Extra smooth surface.

    Packs of incremental sized dilators available.

    Free tube of Anime lubricant and storage bag.

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