Vaginal Hydration & Repair

Vaginal Hydration & Repair

Let's face it, regardless of the smooth, rounded design of our premium vaginal dilators, there's no way you would want to insert one without using a lubricant.

There are plenty of lubes out there, once a niche sexual item (no pun intended) there are now dozens of brands found openly in all sorts of high street shops and even petrol stations. Getting a lube is easy, but not all lubes are the same.

We recommend YES moisurising lubricants. It does exactly what it says on the tin (well the tube), it moisturises the vagina whilst also acting as an intimate lubricant. The key is that it contains aloe vera which as we all know hydrates skin.

If you're using your dilators as part of a recovery programme after a medical intervention the YES will promote healing of damaged skin tissue which could be a useful benefit.

Additionally, YES is made with natural ingredients and contains no silicone or glycerine so no nasty residues will be absorbed by the skin, essential for natural skin recovery.

But even if you're just using your dilators for pelvic floor strengthening you would still be causing abrasive damage to the delicate skin of the vaginal wall with the insertion and repetitive movements of the exercises, so a lubricant with healing properties is hugely beneficial.


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  1. YES Cleanse - Intimate Wash
    From £6.99

    Sensitively formulated intimate wash.

    Designed to respect the delicate vagina.

    Organic plant actives – Calendula and Aloe Vera.

    200+ washes (that’s over 6 months, when used daily).

    Responsibly formulated, richly foaming and effectively cleansing.


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